After 2020, 2021 was welcomed with open arms; that doesn't mean that folks didn't make New Year's resolutions. It seems that 2020 made Coloradans lonely.

To read more? To get more exercise? To drink less? To be better with finances?

What was the #1 resolution for 2021?

'Meet New People'

The gang at used Google Trends to find out what each state has been Googling the most when it comes to New Year's resolutions.

Apparently, 2020, has left us tired of sitting at home, with the same people. We want to 'freshen up the friend pile,' so to speak.

In Wyoming they're making finding a new job a priority, and in New Mexico, they're looking to get a raise in 2021.

Check out all 50 states' resolutions for the year HERE.

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