Trail Ridge Road is still buried under several feet of snow.

At it's highest point Trail Ridge Road tops out at 12,183 feet. It's the highest paved road inside any of the National Parks. This road through the Rocky Mountain National Park road covers 48 miles from Estes Park to Grand Lake. Of that nearly 50 miles, 11 are above "tree line." If a trip across this scenic road was part of your holiday weekend plans, you'll need a "Plan B." The road won't reopen for some time.

This week's late-season snow dashed any hopes the road would be cleared by Memorial Day. National Park snowplow operators are working long hours trying to clear Trail Ridge Road. It's anybody's guess when the road will be open. The tentative goal now is to have it open in time for the summer tourist season. A recent Rocky Mountian National Park news release said: "it's too early to know exactly when the road will open."

Every year it's different for when Trail Ridge Road is passable. The earliest "opening day" was on May 7th, 2002. The latest date the road was cleared was June 26, 1943. The park has a Trail Ridge Road Status Line you can access 24 hours a day. Just call 970-586-1222.

Credit: 9News

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