Last week I told you about a computer that picked the Denver Broncos to go to and win the Super Bowl this season. I also told you to be cautious of predictions as everyone has one, and no one really cares what you think. However, when a former rival of the Broncos and 14-time Pro-Bowler speaks, football fans listen. 

Tony Gonzalez, who played most of his career with the Broncos division rival Kansas City Chiefs, will work for CBS this season, but he already has a bit of NFL analysis for everyone... He told Newsday’s Bob Glauber. The Broncos will go 16-0 in the regular season, and they’ll return to the Super Bowl, where they will again face the Seahawks, but this time they will be the ones celebrating at the end of the game!

Gonzalez said “I'm looking at Denver in the preseason and Peyton Manning’s command of that offense, he’ll pick up right where he left off last year. And defensively, they went out like good organizations do and addressed their weaknesses.”

“If they can stay healthy, how do you beat this team?” Gonzalez added, acknowledging the team’s defensive acquisitions during the offseason. “They’re balanced on both sides of the ball. They can run, they can pass, they can stop the run and they can stop the pass now on a consistent basis. It’s going to be very, very tough to beat them."

We are holding you to this Tony!!!