For anyone who lives in or has visited Colorado, it's obvious there's a lot of joy in the state. A new study says that is part of the reason the state is one of the happiest in America.

The study, conducted by MagnifyMoney says they were inspired by an Oxford Economics study of the components of well-being. They took components from that study and used them to develop their own analysis of the happiness of each of the US states.

In the Oxford study, sleep is the most significant contributor to well-being. The MagnifyMoney study included sleep and other factors of Health, Lifestyle, and Economic Stability/Prosperity to score each of the 50 states.

Colorado ranked 2nd in Health, 4th in Lifestyle, and 13th in Economic Stability for an overall score of 70.5. These are the Top 10 Happiest States in America with their final score.

  1. Minnesota (73.3)
  2. South Dakota (72.0)
  3. Colorado (70.5)
  4. Utah (69.0)
  5. North Dakota (67.4)
  6. Wisconsin (67.3)
  7. Nebraska (64.8)
  8. Iowa (64.4)
  9. New Hampshire (63.8)
  10. Montana (63.2)

The study ranked Louisiana (29.8) as the unhappiest state followed by Rhode Island (30.8), West Virginia (30.9), Alabama (33.1), and Mississippi (33.5).

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