While some people (including my 'tough guy' boyfriend) claim to not like hard seltzer, I think everyone secretly has a soft spot for the bubbly, fruity, alcoholic drink.

I mean, who doesn't want a La Croix with a little more fun added?

Joybird recognized this, and decided to do a study to find out what the most popular hard seltzer is in every state.

And Colorado's is...drumroll please...White Claw.

The Claw is law, baby. A majority of the country agreed with us, with 34 out of 50 states choosing White Claw as their favorite hard seltzer drink.

America's favorite hard seltzers, based on Google trends data gathered over a 12 month period. Courtesy of Joybird.

I was surprised to find out that Colorado's favorite White Claw flavor is mango. Most of my friends prefer the berry flavors, but maybe that's just our group.

America's favorite White Claw flavors. Courtesy of Joybird.

Natural Light Seltzer was the favorite in Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

High Noon Hard Seltzer took the top prize in California and Texas, while New Jersey and Pennsylvania preferred Bud Light Hard Seltzer.

Illinois chose Vista Bay, Wisconsin picked PRESS, and Rhode Island went for Truly.

Connecticut's favorite bubbly beverage is Four Loko Hard Seltzer. What in the heck kind of parties are y'all having over there?

However, the above results were calculated based on Google Trends Search Data gathered over a year-long period.

America's favorite hard seltzers, based on Google trends data gathered over two weeks in March 2020. Courtesy of Joybird.


In a more recent study that looked at trends in March 2020, a few states changed their seltzer allegiances.

Colorado is trying its hand at Corona Hard Seltzer (guess the coronavirus didn't put us off of it), while Wyoming no longer has a favorite brand of seltzer. Maybe they really are the 'tough guys' up there.

I don't know about you, but after reading all that, I think I'm going to go grab a White Claw.

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