A new brewery has just opened up in a small, Western Colorado town that is drawing crowds.

The brewery, located in the small town of Meeker, Colorado, has not only been a big hit for locals since its inception but tourists as well.

Prior to the brewery opening, the biggest draw for people to visit Meeker, Colorado, was for a historic reason. Back in 1879, a man by the name of Nathan Meeker provoked a conflict that later became known as the Meeker Massacre. In fact, there is still a monument commemorating the massacre that occurred between the native Americans living in the area and the white settlers, leading to the town adopting its name.

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However, despite Meeker being such a small area of Western Colorado, the new brewery is already drawing crowds. One of the men behind the new brewery Kristofer Borchard, had this to say about how it's going so far:

We’ve done really well for the first week, [we] sold just over 15 kegs worth of beer in the first week. It’s a huge relief. 

Kristofer and his brother, Kevin, who both share ownership of the brewery, have had the idea to do what they're doing for a while, but experienced numerous setbacks.

Obviously, 2020 proved to be a less-than-ideal year to start any business up. However, before the pandemic hit, it was the Borchard brothers' plan to open up the brewery last year.

Now that things are finally starting to settle down, the new Meeker brewery seems to off to a good start.

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