It's been a pretty rough year for the New Orleans Saints. Their head coach, Sean Payton, was suspended for the season for his role in the bounty-gate scandal and the team that went 13-3 in 2011 started the 2012 campaign 0-4.

But things have been looking a bit better for the Saints lately, and on Sunday they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-28 for their second win in a row.

That was thanks in a big part to wide receiver Joe Morgan, who scored just about the most acrobatic touchdown you will ever see.

SB Nation

In the the game's second quarter, Morgan caught a long pass from Saints' QB Drew Brees. He was hit and spun around immediately, but somehow managed to defy the force of gravity and keep his knee from touching the ground.

Then, as he was getting back up, he humorously flipped a second defender who had flown in to try to make the tackle.

A third defender was able to smack Morgan with a more direct hit, but that only served to propel him into the endzone for a touchdown. Morgan did lose the ball after that collision, but since he had already crossed the goal line the TD stood.

It was only Morgan's third catch of the year, but he certainly made it count.