Tenby Beast

Peter Bailey, 27, was taking his dog for her evening walk along the beach in Tenby, Wales, when he came across this unusual sight. He snapped some pictures of it, because he had no idea what it is, and now it has earned the name The Beast of Tenby. 

Bailey told the Western Telegraph, "Immediately I thought it was a horse, but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly, it didn't smell." Dr. Dan Forman, a professor at the Swansea University, told the Sun that its toes suggest it could be a badger. Now we are terrified of badgers.

This isn't the first time a bizarre creature has washed up on shore in recent months. Back in July, there was the case of the "Montauk Monster," a dog-like beast that turned up on shore in Long Island.

What do you think the Beast of Tenby could be? Are you afraid to go in the water? Get a closer look below.

tenby beast 3
tenby beast 1

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