I've only been to Fruita once since my arrival a couple months ago.  I received an invite from some new friends to enjoy pizza at The Hot Tomato, and a cold beer at Suds Brothers. It was a fun, although very hot, that Sunday afternoon hanging out in downtown Fruita. One of those friends texted me yesterday asking if I was going to the Fruita Fall Festival. I said 'The what?'

I'm from Kansas City but I've spent many years in SW Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. I have clarity when it comes to fall festivals. When I left KC to take my first radio programming gig at a new station in Springfield, MO, my very first live remote broadcast was in the little town of Mt Vernon, Missouri at their annual Apple Butter Makin' Days fall festival. Nothing screams 'rock-n-roll' like hanging out on the square of a little town munching on fresh made kettle corn and sipping hot apple cider.

On my lunch break today, I slipped back down to Fruita to check on the preperations for this weekend's festivities.  The 2016 Fruita Fall Festival gets underway this afternoon and continues throughout the weekend.  The light rain falling today made things challenging for those trying to set up the booths, rides, and attractions.

Ray Michaels

The good news is it's excepted to be dry most of the weekend. Sunny both Saturday and Sunday but cool with the highs only in the upper 60s. I've already spotted the kettle corn booth so that's my first stop. To help wash it down, the beer garden will be my second.

Ray Michaels

So here's to hoping to see down in Fruita this weekend. The first full day of fall was yesterday so now that it's officially fall, let the fall fest season begin. Fall rocks!