When creating a playlist, a good uplifting beat is essential. Whether you're lifting weights, skateboarding or even cruising in your car this is your playlist.

Instead of me picking the jams for this playlist, I got the owner of Mutual Friends Skate Shop to do it. Josh says listening to music gives me the feeling of experiencing something for the first time. When he's listening to music, all he imagines is watching it live in his shop, Mutual Friends.

Josh from Mutual Friends has an eclectic taste in music which is definitely reflected in his playlist. Jam out to all kinds of music from Sublime, to Kanye West, to The Strokes. It's a "wavy, dream and thug nasty playlist,' according to Josh.

The playlist is 1 hour and two minutes long, which is the perfect time to get in a good workout or to cruise around for a while to. It's cool to see what kind of music Josh picked for his playlist. I think your taste in music is a reflection of you as a person.

Josh from Mutual Friends hosts DIY events with bands at his shop, so his good taste is reflected in the bands that perform and in this playlist.

Mutual Friends Skate Shop's upcoming events are:

  • Sept. 13th - Mutual Friends Skate Shop team participating in Men In Heels Race
  • Sept. 14th - American Culture & Freeway Donna at Mutual Friends
  • Sept. 23rd - One Year Anniversary and One Year Anniversary Party at Mutual Friends TBA

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