Yesterday I talked a little about the final Motley Crue show in Colorado from this past weekend, but I didn't go into great detail. I didn't want to ruin the show for anyone who might go later, but then I realized there is no later... Unless you are going to travel and pay a pretty penny that is. So, I had to show you the coolest part of the show. 

Long before the open Alice Cooper even took the stage fans in the Pepsi Center knew something cool was going to happen as there was a giant roller coaster looking track above the arena floor. It sat there lonely and unused until about an hour into Motley's set. That is when drummer Tommy Lee got strapped in, and went for a little ride.

For about ten minutes Lee rode the coaster across the arena and back, going upside down and every which way, all while doing a badass drum solo.

Someone caught footage...