Government shutdown ending, but challenges remain for the Monument.

It appears the government shutdown is over. The Senate voted today on a spending bill that would keep the government open until February 8th.

That's good news. The funding would reopen the goverment allowing nearly 1 million federal workers, including National Park Service employees to get back to work and resume federal operations. That means things should get back to normal in the Colorado National Monument soon.

The Monument was closed on Sunday. Partly because of the government shutdown. About  6 inches of snow fell over the weekend and because of the shutdown, there was no access to snow removal equipment nessasary to keep the Rim Rock Road open.

Until things get back to normal, Park officials remind you that you'll be entering the Monument at your own risk. Also too, "The National Park Service will not issue permits, conduct educational programs, collect trash, operate or provide restrooms, maintain roads or walkways. Visitors and campgrounds will not be asked to leave but no services will be available"

If you can postpone your visit to the Monument for another day or two, you should be good. Things will be getting back to normal, at least for now.

Credit: KKCO 11News

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