As the days get shorter, bears appetites go into overdrive.

It's called "hyperphagia." According to the National Park Service..."During the fall months, bears eat and drink nearly nonstop. They need to put on weight to prepare for winter and hibernation." Over the next few months, as bears prepare for hibernation they will go from eating 2 to 4 hours a day to nearly 20.  They have one thing on the brain and that's food!

While you're out hunting, camping, or hiking this fall keep an eye out for hungry bears. They have a very powerful sense of smell detecting food odors from as far as 5 miles away. Be mindful to keep food locked up and out of reach of bears. Rember to not store food in a tent or your vehicle. Colorado Parks & Wildlife reminds you to be "Bear Aware."


If you live in bear country lock all windows and doors, especially at night or when you're away. Keep your trash locked in a garage or outbuilding. After grilling, clean the grates thoroughly making sure no grease remains. Store all pet food indoors.

Remember these tips and be extra careful when visiting parts of Colorado that bears are known to roam. As temperatures cool, it's a fantastic time to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure your "Bear Aware" and do everything to make sure you don't become victimized by a  hungry bear.

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