A strip club in Flint, Mich. is making headlines after holding a church service over the weekend.

This has to be the strangest story we've heard about a strip club since Oregon's "Baby Bumpers," a pregnant only ballet.

At Little Darlings, a closed down strip club on Flint's famous Dort Highway, a church group held a church service with a performance from Christian musician Adam Cappa. So, how did a Church service end up at a strip club? Church organizer Doug Tipton told Banana 101.5:

One thing lead to another, and my wife really felt that we had a good rapport with management there. And I said, 'You know, how about if we would have a service there on Sunday, you guys are already closed.'

Some media outlets were stating the church had something to do with the Little Darlings closing down, Tipton stated that they didn't have anything to do with it.

Now we've pretty much heard it all!

What do you think, would you attend church in a closed down strip club?