Normally, strippers "work" to put themselves through college, or so they say, but these stippers are working to get through their third trimester.

A new strip club in Springfield, Ore., is taking themed nudie bars to a whole new level.

Baby Bumpers will be your typical gentlemen's club, but, to work there the girls must be six months pregnant. We guess you could say every day is get two dances for the price of one.

Buck Jackson, the 45-year-old club owner, says he's determined to make his idea work, stating:

Truth is, all you see in the clubs around here just a bunch of girls all sucked up lookin’ like Skeletor and sh*t. Personally, I like fat bottoms and healthy girls with a little meat on them. One night I was laying in bed watching some pregnant belly dancers on the TV, and the idea just hit me… Why not make a pregnant girl strip joint?

One neighborhood resident fully supports the idea:

Hey, way I see it is with the tough economy, any opportunity for a pregnant girl just trying to put food on the table for her and her baby is a good one!

What do you think? Would you frequent a strip club that features pregnant women?

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