I posted a Facebook question asking if Grand Junction had a mascot, what would it be? Here are the results.

Speedo Man

The most popular response was a guy I hadn't heard of until yesterday, the legendary Speedo Man. Though he hasn't been around for a few years, Nathan Pender was once a fixture around Grand Junction, often seen riding his bike around town during events wearing nothing but a Speedo. Pender even did this in the wintertime, winterizing himself with legging, but nonetheless donning his signature bathing suit.

A Ram

Bluberrii commented and said that Grand Junction's mascot should be a ram because we are "strong in winter weather, we have horns that show when California people are near, and we are all a bit of daredevils." I can dig it.


A few people brought up the drug problem we have in Grand Junction, and Joe put a spin on it and said that our mascot would be named "Methanie." While I certainly don't think we should glorify our drug problem, Joe did have a lighthearted approach to it.


This one I like. Nicholas commented that the city's mascot should be the same as Colorado Mesa University's; a maverick.

Trash Panda

Tyler said that Grand Junction's mascot should be a trash panda, which is a funny term for a raccoon. Hey, we have raccoons! Why not?

My Mom

And finally, loyal Facebook follower Heather gave her usual response, "your mom." Even though she doesn't live here, I think she'd be delighted to hear that. Thanks, Heather.

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