When would be the best time to open up a members-only marijuana club in Colorado? 4:20 of course! That's when Denver's Club 64, one of Colorado's first members-only marijuana clubs open it's doors on Monday. Will we see more of these pop up?

Another members-only club opened it's doors Monday morning in the small southern town of Del Norte, Colo. But what does the law state about public consumption of marijuana.

Mark Couch a spokesman for the Task Force on the Implementation of Amendment 64 told the Denver Post:

"The rules on any clubs or lounges, Couch said, "will be sorted out in the months ahead by legislators, law enforcement and the task force."

Club 64's general counsel Robert Corry, Jr., states that Club 64 is giving marijuana users a  safe and social place to partake. He also told the Denver Post that the club will operate on member's dues and sell refreshments, not marijuana.

The state's newly adopted law allows residents 21 years of age and older to posses up to an ounce of marijuana, grow up to 6 plants and give marijuana to another adult.