I was ready for a new adventure. I've seen the Atlantic Ocean, Fayetteville, the Blue Ridge Mountains, NOLA, even lived in places like Japan and Italy. I'm Alicia Selin and I'm here to stay.

I've worked in radio since I got out of college a few years ago, how could you not fall in love when you step into the studio?! I was ready for the next adventure in "Radioland" and decided that when I move, it'll be a big one.

The minute I came to Grand Junction, I knew it's time to come to life in the West. I've never lived in a place like this and drastic change is what I wanted and needed. A valley inside of a desert surrounded by Book Cliffs, the Grand Mesa, prairie dogs, music festivals and distilleries.

1,934 miles and three days of driving a 16-foot truck towing a car later, I am home.

When you see me, don't touch my belly button, K?

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