A once-popular Colorado bar will most likely be converted into a marijuana-friendly jazz club before the end of October.

The club, which was once known as Drunken Monkeys Neighborhood Tavern, was recently purchased by a Colorado man that has been involved in the ever-growing marijuana industry in the Centennial state for several years.

The man, Denver's Joshua Davis, said that when Colorado held a lottery for licenses for businesses to open up marijuana-friendly establishments that he "lit up like a Christmas tree."

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Ever since marijuana hospitality became legal in Colorado, Davis had been looking for an establishment to set up and convert to a marijuana-friendly business.

Luckily for him, he was able to purchase Drunken Monkeys Neighborhood Tavern upon it being forced to close and now plans to convert it to a more marijuana-friendly type of place.

It's unclear as to why Davis has chosen jazz as his new club's music of choice, but he is planning on converting the old Drunken Monkey Neighborhood Tavern into a marijuana-friendly jazz club where patrons would not only be able to partake of the plant in public and enjoy jazz music, but purchase it there in legal quantities as well.

The club is located in Adams County, which is close to the Denver Metro area, at 7667 Washington Street. In addition to the live music and marijuana, Davis is planning on implementing flat-screen TVs, games, and outdoor patio and food when opening up the new club.

Davis has said that he's always been interested in opening up a marijuana club and after some renovations, will be able to do just that at the establishment that he now owns.



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