Countless everyday products not only have origins in Colorado but are well-known for being invented in the Centennial State.

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Products like Otterbox phone cases and Crocs are uniquely Colorado in nature, but another innovation that predates either of these is certainly not as well-known but has been used by cowboys and celebrities for over 70 years.

Colorado Business Responsible for Innovation Popular with Celebrities + Cowboys

You've undoubtedly come across western, button-down shirts that instead of buttons, have snaps that resemble pearls. Officially known as pearl diamond snaps, this innovation was created by a Colorado man as a better way for rodeo cowboys to ditch their garments more easily when things got hairy in the ring.

Back in 1946, a man by the name of Jack A. Weil purchased a business at 1626 Wazee Street in the heart of downtown Denver which he called Rockmount Ranch Wear; a business that is still around today. It was here that Weil would sell his apparel fitted with the pearl diamond snaps he'd invented.

Not only did Rockmount Ranch Wear quickly become famous and synonymous with Weil's button alternative, but the pearl diamond snaps began popping up in circles far beyond those of rodeo cowboys.

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The 1956 film 'Love Me Tender' starring Elvis Presley shows the King of Rock and Roll himself donning a Rockmount Ranch Wear shirt, a revelation that left Weil equally shocked and honored upon finding out.

Countless other celebrities including Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, and all four members of The Beatles, just to name a few, have been known to be adorned with apparel from Rockmount Ranch Wear over the years which, of course, all feature Weil's pearl diamond snaps.

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