Who doesn't love going to a comedy show and getting some good laughs? After all, they do say that laughter is the best medicine.

Well, here in Colorado, we have a pretty unique type of comedy show that is becoming quite popular and the theme of these shows is, you guessed it, weed.

What are Marijuana Comedy Shows in Colorado?

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Since legalizing recreational marijuana, Colorado has seen all kinds of weed-related things pop up and one of them is pot-centric comedy shows.

According to Altered Consciousness Entertainment, a local Colorado group that puts these comedy shows together, they "get comics higher than a 14er and have them tell jokes."

The shows are typically held at marijuana-friendly establishments such as cannabis bars like JAD's Mile High Smoke and a shop that sells THC-infused food items called Weefles.

Where Can I see Marijuana Comedy in Colorado?

One of the main marijuana-themed comedy shows in Colorado is called Potty Mouths: A THC Comedy Experience which has taken place at the two aforementioned establishments.

JAD's Mile High Smoke will be hosting two of these comedy shows on Friday, October 7th, and Saturday, October 8th, both at 9:30 p.m. at its location at 7667 Washington Street, Denver, CO 80229.

Weefles also hosts comedy shows every second Saturday at their location at 8529 W. Colfax Ave. in Lakewood. In fact, they just hosted Potty Mouths this past Sunday, September 11th with regular hosts CJ Gauvain and Emil Kettle who were joined by local comedians Jose Macall, Amber Chandler, Erin Rose, Caroline Williams, and others.

However, like all marijuana-themed events in Colorado, there are rules and in order to use marijuana at JAD's Mile High Smoke's Potty Mouths shows, you must purchase it from them onsite.

Follow Altered Consciousness Entertainment on social media to learn more and to keep track of future Potty Mouths shows.

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