About a year ago at a Broncos game, a man fell 60 feet to the floor of Sports Authority Field at Mile High and died. His family is suing.

It was after a game when a 36-year-old man was sitting on the railing of the fire escape when, according to the report, "lost his balance and tumbled over the side." A wrongful death lawsuit was filled on Tuesday. The suit claims "The fire escape does not have uniform railings and steps, the lawsuit says, and presented an “unreasonable risk of injury to patrons.”

The event was tragic. The man had a wife and five children. A lawsuit was inevitable. In today's society, nothing is an accident anymore. Someone, or something, has to be responsible. The term "accidental death" just isn't part of our vocabulary. To be clear, I hope his widow and children receive some kind of compensation. My question, "Is any of us responsible for their own lives anymore?"

It appears this man was sitting on the rail of the fire escape when fell over the side. Why was he sitting there? It sounds dangerous. I've attended dozens of stadium concerts, NFL, and MLB ballgames and every time I make that steep hike up to the "nosebleed seats" (in most cases those are the ones that fit my budget), I wonder why more people don't get hurt or killed. One slip down those steps and you could go right over the side. If I did, then it would become a question of "who's fault?" Would it be mine or the architects and the owners of the stadium?



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