A man in Washington State is almost as addicted to sex as much as he is to theft.

Arthur Ray Brown, 24, earned his induction into the creepy guy hall of fame after getting busted for swiping a mannequin from a sex shop. Did we mention he came back later to steal toys and lingerie? And did we further mention both episodes were caught on surveillance camera.

Something tells us this isn't the kind of sex act this guy planned on recording that night.

Brown first entered the shop, called Lovers, and quickly snagged a mannequin, although the bottom part fell off as he zipped out (presumably, he was in a hurry to get home and unzip, if you know what we're sayin').

Perhaps sensing the amputated object of his affection needed some assistance to get her in the mood and proving that robbers really do return to the scene of the crime, Brown – decked out in a wig obviously borrowed from Amanda Bynes – showed up at the store after it closed, smashed a window and came inside to help himself to various toys and sexy attire. He then ran out into the deep, dark and rather aroused night.

Cops quickly tracked Brown down on his bike by following a trail of toys for them to follow, which is exactly the kind of sleazy crime that probably makes them wish they were demoted to directing traffic outside the mall the day after Christmas.