This is why I play: Because people DO win. This gentleman in Pueblo picked up two cash prizes, believe it or not, by playing the same set of numbers twice.

I saw this on Twitter and thought 'Lucky Dog.' His name is Joe, actually. Lucky Joe.

The story is great in two ways. One is the fact he won two $1 million prizes with the same Powerball drawing, the other is how he made it happen.

Apparently, Joe usually plays his own personal set of numbers every time he plays, along with some quick picks. I get that. But, on this day in March for the March 25 Powerball drawing, Joe stopped at two places to get tickets.

At the second stop, he used the exact set of his own personal numbers from the first purchase and then again, some more quick picks.

Then with that March 25, 2020 drawing - his exact, personal set of 5 numbers were drawn: 5, 9, 27, 39, 42. He only missed out on the Powerball number, which was 16.

So, Joe had two tickets that were each worth  $1 million.

Not on my sharpest, keenest day would I think to buy my own personal numbers at two different locations. I might buy more quick picks, but not my own numbers, twice.

Smart and lucky, that Joe.

Get more about Joe's win from the Colorado Lottery HERE.

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