Here it is October 14, 2021, and we're already seeing travel alerts due to weather conditions on Colorado roads. Do you recall the awesome "heavy" snowfall Grand Junction experienced last October?

When I say heavy, I'm not referring to the amount of snow. In this case, I'm describing the actual weight of the matter. Wouldn't it be great if Grand Junction could get another snowfall like we had on October 25, 2020, only without the tree damage?

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At This Moment in Grand Junction

At 9:26 a.m. on Thursday, October 14, 2021, we're enjoying a fairly steady rain and temperatures not too far above freezing. Later today the crew at the station is scheduled to run in the "Men in Heels Race." I have images of brave wanna-be athletes in high heels crashing and burning as they slip on the wet ground. As I recall, running this event at this same time last year we all received sunburns.

Looking Back at Grand Junction on October 25, 2020

On October 25, 2020, I spent the first half of the day painting my carport. It seemed like a typical day. After a while, a few flakes began to fall. A few hours after that, like many Grand Junction residents, I was doing my damage control report.

This day was a bit unusual for us. Then again, after the agonizing summer of 2020 and its record-breaking wildfires, it was a welcome sight. After shoveling my front steps for the fourth time I was ready to get in my gym clothes. Actually, I was ready to call my chiropractor.

The amount of snow falling in the region wasn't so bad, it was more a matter of the weight of the stuff. Typically, if and when it snows in Grand Junction, the situation can be solved with a broom. The light powdery snow we get is easier to sweep than shovel. A typical kitchen broom is more than adequate.

A Shock For Those Of Us Who Don't Own a Snow Shovel or Winter Coat

The October 25, 2020 snow required a front-end loader. That stuff was taking down trees by the hundreds. When a tree limb would come down, it could potentially take out your fence with it. That's what it did in my case.

Here's a quick look back at one of the oddities of 2020, not that we have any shortage of weird things to choose from. This gallery shows a handful of photos documenting my journey through Grand Junction on the way to the studio during the morning hours of Monday, October 26.

Grand Junction Snowfall Damage October 25, 2020

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