Outhouse structures along the Keyhole route to the top of Longs Peak win an award.

Not many of us will make the track to the top of one of Colorado's famed "14ers." At 14,255 feet Longs Peak is the fourth tallest of the Front Range mountains. It may be only #4 in that category but when it comes to its toilets, it's #1. That's according to the American Institute of Architects. The Longs Peak potties were recently awarded the “Small Project Award."

These toilets are of the "industrial strength" variety. Built to handle the mountain's brutal weather including wind speeds of up to 225 miles per hour! Good thing, Longs Peak is known for its windy conditions. One of the strongest wind gusts ever recorded in Colorado was on Longs clocking in at over 200 MPH!

Due to their pre-fab design, these structures were built in just 8 days. A large gauge wire frame with rocks from on-site was used to construct the walls. The rocks not only made the structures tough, but it also helps them blend into their surroundings. In case you're wondering, they're of the open-air variety so you can take in the view as you tack care of business. Speaking of, these high-elevation potties utilize a waste management system designed by Toilet Tech Solutions which is said to be the best at “improved management and reduced cost of human waste at remote sites.” Good to know.

The award-winning toilets were designed by a team from the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning.

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