Carlos Mencia is coming to the Avalon Theater on March 21st and I was fortunate enough to schedule an interview with him. You may remember his wildly popular Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia," which ran from 2005 to 2008. Now Carlos takes his comedy act on the road, touring around the country with his unique brand of Latin comedy.

A highlight of the interview was when I asked about Carlos' friend and "Mind of Mencia" co-star, Brad Williams. Williams is a dwarf whose backstory is fascinating. Mencia said that he was doing jokes about little people on stage and only half of the audience was laughing. He suspected that there was a little person in the crowd, and sure enough, Williams was in attendance.

Mencia then said that he brought him on stage and asked him about his life. At the time, Williams was a student at California's UNC and worked as a security guard at Disneyland. Mencia pointed out that Disneyland hired little people to be security guards because they were less intimidating to the kids, who were usually the problem at the theme park.

Mencia said that about a year later, Williams showed up to another one of his gigs, telling the comedian that he was pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. After a little hesitation, Mencia invited Williams onstage to perform his act and the two have been friends ever since.

Mencia also plans to record a comedy special in Colorado and title it, "Live from Central America...Colorado."

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