Phil Mickelson, known as ‘Lefty’ to golf fans, once again has come in second at the U.S. Open. Mickelson has had a hall of fame career; he has won 41 PGA events including three Masters and a British Open title. The one title that he can’t seem to win is our national tournament.

This weekend the 113th U.S. Open golf tournament was played at Merion Golf Club inPennsylvania. It is the second of the four major championships in the PGA and is always played on Father’s Day weekend. For any pro golfer this is a huge event, but for Mickelson this is a must win.


For the sixth time in his career Phil Mickelson has come in second place in the U.S. Open. Sure it’s a nice payday but for a hall of famer this is a title you want on your resume. Mickelson played well all weekend but in the end couldn’t make the shot to win.


I’m sure Mickelson feels bad right now but he should keep in mind that even though he came in second once again he doesn’t have the record. One of the greatest to ever play Jack Nicklaus holds that mark. He came in second 18 times in major tournaments. So don’t feel bad Lefty you still have a ways to go to catch Jack and something tells me one day you will win the U.S. Open.