I guess it makes sense to include the park now that the new amphitheater is finished. If the park wasn't soon becoming ground zero for concerts, events, and other activities there would be little interest in including it.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

Making the park part of the Downtown Grand Junction Business Improvement District now makes it part of the continued growth of downtown and extends business opportunities in its direction. Now "downtown" is much more than Main Street. The vision is to connect the two halves of downtown through 7th Street.

The hope is that more businesses will choose to invest in that part of downtown and the city would, in turn, invest in street improvements and attract more shops, restaurants, and businesses. It's part of a plan to flow growth and traffic from Grand Avenue to Riverside Parkway. Only time will tell if the dream becomes reality. What is real is that a part of town that had minimal appeal is now of more value since the parks upgrade and the new amphitheater's been built.


Credit: westernslopenow.com

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