Kroger wants plastic bags out of their stores by 2025.

For a single guy that lives alone, I don't go grocery shopping once a week and "stock up." I run in when a need a few things. It's handy for me to hit City Market, find what I need, self-checkout, grab my sack or two and hit the door.

I get it. As a fisherman, there's nothing my disappointing than seeing a plastic bag floating in my favorite fishing hole. How about that plastic bag twisting in the wind in a fence or in a tree? There's nothing appealing about it. They've got to go.

But they sure are handy. Besides being a quick and sturdy way to toat our groceries home, they can be used around the house. They make a great small trash can liner. They're perfect for tossing old food in before throwing it into the trash can. I use them as gloves sometimes when I'm cleaning out my grill. Anyway, their days are numbered.

Kroger brand stores use 6 billion plastic bags a year. Grocery stores discard about 100 million bags each year. It's sad but only 5% are recycled.

What are your thoughts? Do plastic bags need to be banned or is this all an overreaction? Either way, they're on the way out. Kroger says they'll be gone by 2025.

Credit: 9News 

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