Kroger announced Monday it is implementing customer capacity limits in its stores until further notice.

Beginning Tuesday, the retailer's stores, which include City Market and King Soopers, is limiting the number of shoppers in its stores at any given time. That number is set at 50% of each store's building capacity. The company's press release said it wanted to "allow for proper physical distancing in every store."

Reduced numbers of shoppers will make it easier for customers to maintain a safe social distance while shopping. It also could impact shoppers' schedules who normally shop at peak traffic times. Shoppers would be well advised to try and shop during times that aren't typically extremely busy like early in the morning, or in the evening.

While not requiring it, Kroger is also encouraging its employees to wear masks and gloves. The company is providing protective gear and expects the supplies to be at all locations by the end of the week.

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In an effort to further provide physical distancing, the company is testing one-way aisles in some markets to determine its effectiveness.

City Markets in Grand Junction have already reduced daily shopping hours to 7 am-8 pm, with a one hour of shopping from 7 am-8 am exclusively for seniors age 60 and above on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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