All Kroger stores (including City Market and King Soopers) are banning plastic bags by 2025. This is how Grand Junction feels about the plastic bag ban.

Kroger recently annoucned that want plastic bags out of all of their stores by 2025. They currently use 6 billion plastic bags in just one year. This plastic bag ban will encourage shoppers to use reusable grocery bags, which are currently already sold in stores.

When I asked you how you felt about the plastic bag ban on our Facebook, this is what Grand Junction had to say:

Humans have been adapting and overcoming since we were born. I think we can handle this plastic bag ban.

Jason fears that straws will be the next thing to go.

According to Christopher you have to pay a quarter for your plastic and paper bags in Carbondale.

Chasity says it's not difficult to use reusable bags and everyone should be doing it.

The plastic bag ban is going to a pain according to Rebecca and she's never going to remember her reusable bags. If it costs you money to buy more reusable bags, I'm pretty sure you'll remember to bring them with you.

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