Tickets for this summer's biggest event, Nitro Circus Live, go on-sale tomorrow. Get set to win 'em before you can buy'em this afternoon on 95 Rock. We'll also be talking with NCL star Dusty Wygle.

It's difficult to get everything you want to ask a real-life daredevil in a phone interview. Let's face it, it's not often you get to talk with a guy that risks his life every day to entertain the masses. Because of our limited on-air time I've posted 10 Q&A's with Dusty.

Andy Coscarelli (for Nitro Circus Live)
Andy Coscarelli (for Nitro Circus Live)

1) How old are you and where are you from? "I'm 19. Hometown's Sun Valley California. I'm currently living in Carlsbad."

2) What music do you listen to and who some of your favorite bands?  "Thrice, Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Portugal. The Man, Avenged Sevenfold, The Eagles, Black Tide, just to name a few."

3) You're an extreme sports athlete. What do you do for fun? "Make music, surf, dream up ridiculous things to do with friends, explore and travel."

4) How did you get into action sports? "I don’t remember exactly how. Through my brother and friends mainly and my own curiosity of pushing myself. Southern California has been the birthplace or center for much of the actions sports world. Growing up there exposed me to a lot of it."

5) Do you have a role model?  If so, who and why? "My parents are the two greatest role models I can imagine. They love God and in turn, love me. Their successes and failures have taught me and helped make me the best I can be."

Andy Coscarelli (for Nitro Circus Live)
Andy Coscarelli (for Nitro Circus Live)

6) What's been your proudest moment on tour? "In almost six years of touring it is impossible to pick one moment! Every night we do a show I walk away feeling like I accomplished something or witnessed a friend accomplish something I would have previously thought impossible!"

7) Which trick has been your toughest, and how did you master it? "The lazy boy flip on a mountain bike has been the most difficult trick for me. Everything has to line up perfectly straight right from the start to even get close. It has caused me a lot of injuries.  I am finally seeing why no one else will try it!"

8) What’s your irrational fear that no one knows about? "I am afraid of heights. Not 5,000-foot cliffs because those are guaranteed fatal, but more like a 10-story building that you might get carted away from and be a potato forever."

9) Favorite Nitro Circus moment? "Jim Dechamp falling from an 80-ft. zip line into three feet of water and coming up baffled that he’s still alive."  

10) What would you be doing if you weren’t in action sports? "Working a normal job and riding and sending it when I can. But I’d rather not find out."

Nitro Circus Live hits Stoker Stadium here in Junction Saturday, August 26th. Tickets go on-sale tomorrow. Get yours by clicking HERE.

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