It seems nearly every major street in town has some type of construction. Whether it's resurfacing, filling potholes, or a complete overhaul, the streets of Grand Junction never seemed so messed up.

Perhaps I was so busy at work last summer and didn;t notice but it seems like there are more streets under construction this year than last. Nearly every major street is backed up or funneled down to one lane.
Ray Michaels
The City of Grand Junction does confirm that this week is one of the years busiest when it comes to road conctruction and that will mean more road closures. The busy construction schedule is excepted to continue through September.
Ray Michaels
Some good news is that the 1st street construction south of North Avenue is excepted to wrap up this week. However, work will continue on 1st and 19th Street and between North Ave. and Patterson.
Ray Michaels
28 1/2 Road will be closed at Elm Ave and traffic detoured around a couple of blocks. City officials report that detours will be in place and remind commuters to allow extra time and please be patient during this busy construction season.

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