If variety is something you love, Colorado's weather usually delivers. As the old saying goes: If you don't like the weather, give it ten minutes, and it may change.

Windy conditions in Colorado can be hard to predict. Our state sits in the middle of the nation and is affected by winds coming from all directions. The Rocky Mountains can block that wind as it crosses parts of the state, squeezing it between mountain peaks and into canyons.

With all this in mind, what is the fastest wind speed recorded in Colorado, and where did it occur? There are two correct answers.

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Colorado's Fastest Official Wind Speed

Colorado's fastest wind speed.
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The fastest official wind speed recorded in Colorado was observed in February of 2016. A wind speed of 148 miles per hour was recorded on top of Monarch Pass (Highway 50) between Chaffee and Gunnison Counties, at an elevation of 11,312 feet.

Colorado's Fastest Unofficial Wind Speed

Fastest wind speed recorded on Longs Peak.
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Nascar races can see average speeds between 140 and 180 mph. Colorado's fastest unofficial windspeed measured 201 miles per hour during the winter of 1981. This wind speed was recorded by the Rocky Mountain Nature Association at an elevation of 14,259 on top of Longs Peak. Rocky Mountain National Park is home to some of the strongest winds on earth.

Colorado is no stranger to strong winds. Keep going to see the 25 fastest wind speeds recorded in our state over the last 25 years.

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