It's true. I've consumed many a peach in my lifetime but I'm certain none have been a World Famous Palisade Peach.

My grandmother made a mean peach cobbler. Some of the best I've ever had. She canned dozens of jars to last through the winter. She also froze peaches in gallon plastic bags. I remember my dad and I tossing a frozen bag into a big glass bowl, letting them thaw just enough to scrap nicely with a fork. We'd eat those dudes till they were gone.

Most years the peaches she purchased from the orchards near her in southwest Missouri were really good. However, I understand I've never truly had a peach until I've enjoyed a real Palisade peach.

The annual Palisade Peach Festival is this weekend. Sometime Saturday I'll make my way out and try one these dudes for myself. Maybe two or three.

There are dozens of orchards to visit as well. I'm not sure where to start. I'm sure you have your favorite. I'm open for suggestions. So all I need to bring is a fork and some whipped cream?