I have children. Lots of children. Lots of children that go to school. That is why I approach this time of year with fear and trembling as I brace for the annual school supply purchase. It would sure be nice if the state of Colorado could make life a tiny bit easier for all of us that face this challenge.

Taxadmin.org has posted a list of all the states that offer a tax-free weekend each year. Notice which state isn't included? That's right. Good old Colorado does not offer a tax-free weekend or holiday or whatever you want to call it.

Our friends to the south, New Mexico, have a tax-free weekend coming up August 7 through August 9. Anybody up for a road trip to Farmington to pick up a crate full of Trapper Keepers? They allow you to buy the following without tax during this time.

  • Clothing (up to $100)
  • Computers (up to $1000)
  • Computer Equipment (up to $500)
  • School Supplies (up to $30)

We know that Colorado kicks the butt of New Mexico in every imaginable category so why let them one up us on giving parents a break on school supplies? Please get with the program Department of Revenue in Colorado. This dad needs a break.

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