Today is the day fried chicken lovers celebrate this American classic. Besides Grandma, who serves up the best fried chicken in Grand Junction?

As much as it seems an All-American classic it's actually not. Scottish immigrants brought the tradition of deep-frying chicken to the southern US years ago. However, it didn't take long for the fired bird to become a staple for Sunday dinner. In time, seasonings and other "secret spices" were added to enrich the flavor. My Grandma insisted in frying her chicken in lard.  However, corn oil, peanut, canola or vegetable oil are also frequently used.

So who has the best in town? Not being a local I'm going to have to lean on you guys for some help. To get things started, here are the Grand Junction Yelp results. Do you agree?

1-Bin 707 Foodbar- 225 N 5th St, I've been here a few times and it's always outstanding. However, I've not tried their fried chicken. Based on their reputation, I'm believing it's pretty darn good.

2-Roosters- 200 W Grand Ave, I've driven by the place a number of times but have not dined there. I'm going to have to trust you guys on this one.

3-Randy’s Southside Diner-  2430 North Ave, "Where the locals eat" they claim. I've heard some talk around the radio station about this place but haven't been.

4-Ella’s Blues Room- 336 Main St, I've been here a couple times but always went with the Cajun offerings.

5-Pufferbelly Restaurant-337 S 1st St, I've driven by the place. Is it deserving of this list?

Well, here's a list to get it started. Let the debate begin and Happy Fried Chicken Day Grand Junction!



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