Calzones are great! Here are the best in town.

Let start off by saying I've always been a calzone fan and National Calzone Day is excuse enough to enjoy one for dinner. Americans consume much more pizza but what makes a calzone special is that the toppings and cheese are wrapped up in a warm garlicky, crusty shell. Yummy! Like it's pizza cousin, calzones trace their roots back to Naples, Itay.

Accord to Yelp, here are Grand Junction's Top 5 place to grab one!

#5 Pablo's Pizza- With locations in Fruita and downtown Grand Junction chances are you're not far from one. There's includes seasoned ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and red sauce. You can order most of their specialty pizzas as a calzone.

#4 Junct'n Square Pizza- This local family-owned business has been serving Grand Junction since 1977. Located downtown basically at the corner of 7th and Main their house specialty is their signature square "Detroit-style" deep dish pizza. I had the privilege of enjoying some of their salad and meatballs recently. I've not had their calzone but according to their menu, you can "build your own" by selecting 3 of their fresh toppings to stuff inside.

#3 Bravo Pizza-  Located over by the CMU campus at 936 North Avenue, this place prides itself in using only fresh, never processed, ingredients with no artificial flavors or corn syrup. They've got cheese, spinach & mushroom, Philly cheese steak, and chicken calzones and strombolis on the menu.

#2 Diorio's Pizza- This was one of the first places I ate when I first moved here. Not knowing anything about where to go I pulled into the first "Italian looking" place I saw and this happened to be it. It worked out well. This little joint at 1125 North Avenue has great New York and Sicilian Style Pizza. Their calzones can be filled with sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, mushrooms, or any combo of these you like.

#1 Kannah Creek Brewing Company- At the top of Yelp's list is this Grand Junction institution. Brick oven pizzas made with the finest cheeses, meats, vegetables, and homemade sauces are their trademark. Of course, while you're there you've got to wash down your lunch or dinner with one of their signature handcrafted beers. They have several calzones on the menu including barbeque chicken, The Godfather, Buffalo, Green Chilli, and more!

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