The green chili harvest is one of the very best annual happenings in these parts. The first of the season hit town over the weekend.

Having spent some time in New Mexico I can tell you first hand that green chili makes anything taste better. When I moved here just over a year ago one of the first things on my radar was how to get my hands on some green chilies. Turns out, some of the worlds best are grown right around here.

I made a trip to Okagawa Farms over the weekend. When I pulled up and hopped out of my truck I could smell the aroma of roasting chilies and hear their massive machine blowing heat to the roaster. I walked around the corner to find the staff in full roasting and packing mode. After talking with one of the helpful staff I went with the medium heat "Big Jim" variety. Later that evening we seasoned some fresh ground beef and tossed burgers on the grill. The finishing touch was a large green chill laid on top and melted cheese on top of that. The best burger I've had, well, sense last years green chili. Like I said, they make everything better!

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