Last night was sports insanity at my house. At 6:05pm the St. Louis Cardinals took the field against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 5 of their best of 5 series. Just three blocks to the west the Chicago Blackhawks took the ice against the St. Louis Blues and both games where on national television.

I picked up a six pack and made it home with enough time to throw on my jersey and crack open a beer before the first pitch and the drop of the puck.

The hockey game got under way first and just two minutes in Chris Stewart and Sheldon Brookbank drop the gloves. Both get five-minute majors and a tough physical game was under way.

I flipped over to the baseball game and Adam Wainwright was dealing with a first inning walk. He got out of that jam and in their half of the first the Cards went 1-2-3 for an easy inning for the Pirates, damn, time to get another beer.

Back to the hockey game with about six minutes to go in the first Vladimir Tarasenko took a pass and hit the back of the net and the Blues are up 1-0. Yeah, we draw first blood against the world champs. It’s time for a shot.

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Back to baseball with one out and one on the Pirates hit into a double play to end their half of the second. There we go boys, now lets do a little something. The cards start the second with two quick outs then Jon Jay draws a walk. Here comes David Freese the hero from 2011. Freese takes a 1-2 pitch over the left field wall for a two run shot. Time for a beer and hell yeah both team have a lead.

Back to the hockey game, damn! The Blackhawks got a power play goal and it’s now tied at 1. The first came to an end so let’s go back to the Cards game.

Wainwright is dealing, the middle innings go by with the Cards still up 2-0. Time for a beer.

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Back at the hockey game the Blues are going on the power play, yeah. 2-1 Backes tips one in and we are again. Time for a beer. Damn we took another penalty and the Hawks score back to a tie game. I need a beer.

Back at Busch the Cards are putting together a nice sixth inning. Holiday and Molina are on with Jon Jay at the plate. I can’t sit so I pace. Right on Jay a single up the middle and the Cards are now up 3-0. It’s looking good.

The Blues and Hawks are tied after two 2-2. Playing the champs tough tonight. Time for a beer.

Seventh inning the Pirates have two on and Alvarez at the plate. Damn he got a hit and it’s now 3-1 Cards. It might be time to take Wainwright out of the game. Wow a double play and the Cards get out of the seventh. Man that was close. Beer time.

The hockey game going by fast. Man these teams can skate. Still 2-2, this might go to overtime.

The Pirates just got robbed! When the call goes your way you love them but on the other side Pirates fans are pissed. We got out of that mess. We need a run or two to put this game away.

No change in the hockey game, it looks like over time for sure. Time for a beer and back to the ball game.


Yeah we get a runner on with big Matt Adams coming to the plate. This guy is from Slippery Rock, Pa and grew up rooting for the Pirates. Oh Yeah Baby Adam’s just hit a two run shot!!! Cards up 5-1 this game could be over. NLCS here come for the third strait year.



Just few seconds left in the hockey game, over time here we come. NO Steen just scored with 21.5 seconds left and the blues go up 3-2. It’s time for a shot.

Back at the ball yard Wainwright is just three outs way from the complete game. Wainwright does it game over!!!

What a great night both team win. Damn that was fun, I guess I should go to bed I have to work in the morning.