The city of Palisade, Colorado could soon have several new kiosks to find destinations for locals and tourists alike. To keep to the town's roots the kiosk is made of agricultural material. To complete the project public support and funds are needed to cover costs.

Thanks to the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and the Fruit and Wine Byway project the information kiosks could easily become reality, with your help. Funding the future information kiosks is very affordable and you become a living legacy.

Design of Future Kiosks in Palisade, Colorado
John Galloway, Wagner/Galloway Architects

Three kiosks are planned for the access points into Palisade, Colorado which include; south of exit 42 at St. Kathryns Winery, at exit 44 southbound on Highway 6 & C road and east of Orchard Mesa at Highway 141 on the west.

The future kiosks will provide maps, brochures and information on current events in Palisade, Colorado. For those who contribute to fund the project permanent plaques recognizing those businesses and individuals will be incorporated into each kiosk.

The materials to construct the kiosk are all locally available and use materials that are found in agriculture. Volunteers have already contributed  $900 towards constructing the kiosks, funding for materials is still needed.

Each piece of the kiosk can be funded individually;

  • Lumber - $375
  • Roofing - $425
  • Corrugated Walls - $475
  • Roof Vent - $75
  • Display Case - $650
  • Steel Gate - $350
  • Cattle Panel - $150
  • Signs - $300
  • Solar - $150
  • Labor - $900
  • Total cost for each kiosk: $3,850

For more information on how you or your business can help make the kiosks a reality you can contact Juliann Adams with the Palisade Chamber of Commerce at (970) 464 -7458 or designer John Galloway with Wagner/Galloway Architechts  at 438-6000.

The first two information kiosks will be at the I-70 exits. Building the kiosks is scheduled to begin this spring and hopefully completed before the summer tourists begin their Western Slope vacations.


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