An Indiana bill says employers could test and fire employees for smoking tobacco. Would Colorado ever consider such a law?

Smoking tobacco is nearly illegal already. Look at the Colorado laws and the way tobacco is regulated. The "Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act" says..."The General Assembly hereby finds and determines that it is in the best interest of the people of this state to protect nonsmokers from involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in most indoor areas open to the public, public meetings, food service establishments, and places of employment." That pretty much bans smoking from just about everywhere.

In the State of Indiana, a bill is moving through the legislature that would allow employers to test, and possibly fire, an employee for using tobacco. It's currently legal to test current and prospective employees for illegal drug use. Senate Bill 23 would repeal a portion of the state code that prohibits employers from attempting to control their workers' tobacco use. If it passes, businesses could then withhold health insurance from smokers. They too could refuse to hire a smoker or even fire an existing employee based on their tobacco use, even on their own time.

Tobacco is a vice I never was compelled to indulge. Even though smoking in a big part of the radio culture. In the old days, I'll never forget that aroma of coffee mixed with cigarette smoke. When you smelled that you knew you had entered a radio station. It was a way of life.

Colorado and it's forward thinking ways seems to be a place a law like this could take root. Would you be ok with it or is this just another way for the government and employers to try and control your personal life?

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