Staples prides themselves on having all your office supply needs. In fact, the superstore is so thorough that as long as you're there, you really don't need an office at all.

That was the premise of Improv Everywhere's latest prank. They had a bunch of volunteers dressed in business attire enter Staples' Times Square, New York, store and each grab an office chair.

Then one of the suited man snagged a whiteboard and suddenly they were having a boardroom meeting right on the showroom floor.

As a real estate deal was pitched, a Staples employee approached the group and gently informed them that "This is a retail store."

The group insisted that somebody named Carol told them to meet there.  This went on for a bit, with the staff helpfully suggesting that they probably wanted to be in the office building which has an entrance next to the store's.

Finally, the group dispersed, and Improv Everywhere's cameras caught the Staples employees discussing what had just happened. They may have been pranked, but they certainly enjoyed the odd scene.