Despite what you may have heard, the customer is not always right.

Two bozos who pulled up to a McDonald's drive-thru (although if you look closely at the ads in the window when the car pulls away, it looks like it may be a Taco Bell) thought it'd be a hoot to honk their horn and scare the employee just as she was about to hand over a soda.

So unamused was the worker that she said, "You're not getting your drink" and then threw it at the driver before slamming her window shut and walking away -- the fast food equivalent of the mic drop.

The driver and the passenger laughed off the incident, even though the joke -- and the soda -- was on them.

Sure, the employee violated all the rules of being a good employee, but we salute her for standing up for herself. No matter what your job, you deserve to be treated with respect. And, at some point, these two yokels have to discover that jokes that are funny when you're 11 stop being funny when you're old enough to drive a car.

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