Before Justin joined the show, he came very highly recommended by our friend Ellen Tailor who used to work for a radio station here in Grand Rapids (where our show is based). Ellen left Michigan to work for the Fitz in the Morning show in Seattle, which is where she met Justin... and the rest is history.

Ellen happens to be back in town for a few days, but is still doing her show remotely from a studio here in our building. S,o we decided to use Justin's inside knowledge of the Fitz show to deliver a perfectly timed air horn assault.

In the past, we've gotten numerous coworkers and friends with the airhorn, including Jackie (Man Voice), Jackie again, the sister station in Nashville, our friends at local TV station WZZM, and even former intern Lurch!

Check out the video below to see how it looked on our end, and how it sounded over the air out in Seattle!

And thanks to Fitz and Ellen for embracing the air horn, although we're expecting some kind of revenge from this at some point.

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