Rise Against released the title track from the band's upcoming album, 'Nowhere Generation,' on March 18 (as heard on Thursday's Test Drive @ 5), which was recorded at The Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins.

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It's not so secret that Rise Against has recorded a number of their albums at the Fort Collins studio with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. In fact, bassist Joe Principe said that Stevenson is the band's 'not-so-secret weapon,' which echoes what guitarist Zach Blair told me in 2018, shortly after the band released Wolves.

'He really has helped shape the band; he gets what we want to do and will go with us when we think outside the box,' Principe said. 'He’s the perfect producer for the style of music we play because he has an insane pop sensibility and the hardcore side to him as well.'

Pre-COVID, we actually ran into Blair and Rise Against singer Tim McIlrath in downtown Fort Collins, so we figured they were up to something album related (or documentary related).

The band's first studio album in four years, Nowhere Generation, will drop on June 4, which includes the just-released title track and the previously-released track, 'Broken Dreams, Inc.'

'I’ve come to realize that people want honesty and that music can be a catalyst for change. I think in many ways, we’ve been on a mission to rile people up, and I feel very lucky to be able to do that. Our hope on this record is to jostle people awake, even it if makes you uncomfortable.' — Tim McIlrath

'On the upcoming release, the outspoken band points a finger at big business and politics for stacking the social and economical deck against Millennials', Gen Y’s, and Gen Z’s pursuit of The American Dream,' the band's press release says. 'Musically, the album is blazing, aggressive punk rock; lyrically, the eleven songs were inspired in part by input from band members' young children and Rise Against’s community of fans.'

You can hear 'Nowhere Generation,' below.

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