I rarely get to be the guy that knows what he's talking about with it comes to local happenings. I've lived here seven months. I know very little about Junction and The Grand Valley. However, I do know a thing or two about the "coming soon" Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.

They're overdue. An article in The Daily Sentinel back in June predicted the stores opening in October and November. We're getting two. The first Freddy’s will open on Horizon Drive. The second is coming to 2489 Highway 6 & 50. The Horizon Drive location is getting close. I shot this picture today. It was nice to see the walls going up.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

Look, I don't want over hype it. However, I'm confident you guys are going to love Freddy's. I posted a story a few months ago when I first learned of their impending arrival. The chain originated in Kansas. The first store opened in Hutchison over a decade ago. A Wichita store soon followed. I was working in that market at the time. I've been to the original store. While living there I usually hit up Freddy's about once every other week or so. They've since opened stores in Springfield, MO, Lawrence, KS, and the Kansas City area. I've lived in all those markets too. I'm a huge fan!

David Giesen, the owner of both Freddy’s franchises, owns several Arby’s franchises on the Front Range, but this will be his first venture onto the Western Slope and his first Freddy’s. “I’m really excited for the brand,” Giesen said. “It’s growing exponentially.” In addition to the aforementioned steakburgers, Freddy’s also has a full line of grilled gourmet hot dogs and custard desserts. Between the two restaurants, Giesen expects to hire up to 80 people for the initial openings and expects staff will level off to between 50 and 60 some time after that.

All I can say is "hurry up Freddy's". For me it's not only good food, it's a little piece of home here in the Grand Valley. I'm thinking about camping out in front of the store so I can be the first in Junction to down a steakburger. Did I mention I was a fan?

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