A hunter and his friends were enjoying an adventure when he realized that he was no longer the hunter, but the hunted. The video he shared shows he was mercilessly trolled by a curious bull moose.

Here's how the man described how this moose pursuit began:

I saw the moose walking on the trail towards me. I drove ahead slowly and the moose walked down the trail ahead of me to where he could get off the trail we were on. I stopped to take some pictures of him to send home, the moose stepped behind some bushes where I didn't have a clear view so I walked towards him a little way where I could see him better and decided to take a video of him. I started to record and made a moose call sound. This is when he became very interested in me and started to walk toward me.

Watch how close this big boy gets to the hunter.

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Hard to believe this moose just casually walked up to the hunter and even chewed on his ATV a bit. Be thankful this young moose was apparently in a good mood.

Many of my friends who spend time in the backcountry will tell you that if you have a moose's attention, that rarely ends well. If a moose is ignoring you, that's a good thing.

Considering that even a young bull like this can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, this hunter was fortunate that the moose was just curious and not feeling threatened. You rarely get this close to a moose like this without paying the price.

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