The Walking Dead has given way to the baking dead.

For reasons that we don't know and may be better off never knowing, several bakers in China teamed up to create this cake with a human head that yells every time someone cuts a piece.

To be fair, an actor was hired to keep his head by the cake and scream like he's being slaughtered by the lake house killer in some horrible straight-to-video movie.

Free slices were given away to people brave enough to survive watching the ordeal, not to mention listening to the moans and groans of the undead. It's kind of like being in a hospital ward and hearing all the sick people, except the food is probably better than the warm Jell-O making its way around the third floor and this may actually be sicker than any of those patients.

And kudos to the actor for staying so committed to the bit. Do you think he has this on his reel? And what kind of credit does he get for this role? Icing victim #1? We know there's a Cake Boss, but this aspiring star is a cake employee.

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